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Worldwide Travel Hazards and Information
(restricted to UCAR employees only)

UCAR Travel Medicine / Health Provider

Travel medicine provider, Passport Health, can provide all needed vaccinations, prophylactic medicines and first aid kits for international travel.

Listed Areas (requires special review)

If you plan travel to any area on this list, you MUST contact the Director of Safety and Site Services and have a Risk Analysis performed BEFORE submitting your Travel Authorization for approval. Your Travel Authorization cannot be approved without a Risk Analysis from the Director of Safety and Site Services.

If your area of travel is NOT on this list, submit your Travel Authorization through normal process. No Risk Analysis is required for areas not on the list.

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Below are links to "Listed" areas. Travel to these areas may involve additional risk with regards to political stability, safety/security, or health.

UCAR employees traveling to "Listed Areas" must arrange for a special risk assessment and review with the Director of Safety and Site Services, per UCAR policy 4-4. This review assures that travelers are apprised of known potential risks and that appropriate steps are taken to reduce those risks. In some instances the risks may be unacceptable and travel may be delayed or postponed until conditions improve. Contact Steve Sadler, X8550, to arrange for an assessment/review. The assessment/review should be arranged as soon as possible but no later than 5 days prior to departure.

Also below is a link to countries under general warning. Travelers should take all standard precautions for visiting these locations.

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Visit the UCAR Worldwide Travelogue to find out about foreign countries visited by UCAR staff.

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