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Fleet Management

Short Term Vehicle Use

Dispatch vehicles are available for use by the UCAR/NCAR staff on a first come, first served basis. The driver must possess a current state driver's license and meet UCAR's driver acceptability requirements. There is a daily charge of $10.00 - $14.00 per day (prorated), plus a mileage charge of $0.17 - $0.23 per mile, depending on the vehicle used. Vehicle rental charges include gas and maintenance. Reservations can be made by calling Jean Hancock at ext. 8504, or by filling out the dispatch form.

Long Term Vehicle Use

GSA vehicles are often available for long term use by UCAR/NCAR divisions/departments. For vehicle information, costs, availability, and to request assignment of a GSA vehicle, contact Jean Hancock at ext. 8504, or

Division/Department Responsibilities

Divisions/departments assigned vehicles for long-term use are responsible for reporting monthly mileage, checking fluid levels/tire pressure regularly, reporting maintenance problems, and keeping the vehicle clean. Drivers are also responsible for dropping/picking up vehicles for scheduled maintenance.

The driver's division/department will be financially responsible for any vehicle damage caused by driver negligence during the assignment of a GSA vehicle.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

UCAR Transportation Services is making every effort to increase its alternative fuel fleet.  Currently, 42% of our fleet (19 out of 45 leased GSA vehicles) are alternative fuel vehicles.  We have 17 bi-fuel gas/ethanol (E85) vehicles and 2 electric hybrid vehicles (EHV).  At present, we do not recommend use of ethanol in our E85 vehicles because of the inherent inefficiencies of this biofuel.  Ethanol production is energy intensive compared to gasoline, and demand for the fuel has pushed up prices for food with corn ingredients.  However, the development of second generation biofuels made from waste products and non edible plants is promising, and we hope to fully utilize our growing E85 fleet in the future.  We also hope to increase our EHV fleet as these vehicles become more readily available through the GSA leasing program.

GSA Vehicle Information


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