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Designated Smoking Areas

This is a smoke free workplace.  Outdoor smoking in designated area only.


Designated Smoking Area


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The UCAR Smoking in the Workplace policy establishes a commitment to a smoke free indoor environment by designating smoking areas that are at least 25 feet from any building opening, are away from common paths of travel and concentrations of building occupants. Following these requirements and in consultation with building representatives, designed smoking areas have been established for each campus. Signs near the principal entrance inform employees and visitors that we have established a smoke free workplace and the location of designated smoking areas.

Areas are depicted in the following maps:

Frequently Asked Questions:

One of the designated smoking areas for my campus is near the door I use to get to my office. Why do I have to walk through a cloud of smoke to go to work?

We recognize that each designated smoking area may be near somebody's preferred path to the building, or between buildings. We selected the area that seemed the least traveled and occupied. In each case, there are alternate paths of travel available so that employees and visitors may avoid the designated smoking area.

Why can't we just ban smoking from all UCAR property?

As a private business operator, we could choose to ban all forms of smoking. However, UCAR understands that smoking is a legal activity enjoyed by a small percentage of our staff and many of our international visitors. We have elected to protect the rights of our staff and visitors while minimizing health risks to non smokers by designating smoking areas.

It it's going to be such an inconvenience to smoke, maybe I should just quit. Does UCAR offer smoking cessation classes?

Smoking cessation assistance is provided through UCAR health insurance programs. Your personal physician and insurance company may be of assistance. If you have Cigna Insurance, log onto My Cigna and select the Manage My Health tab: My Cigna Manage My Health. If you have Kaiser Insurance, start here: Kaiser: Quit Smoking.




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