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Business Records Management Services

Business Records Management Services Policy

It is UCAR’s policy to identify required business and legal records/documents, ensure they are adequately protected and maintained, and manage their retrieval and destruction in a timely and efficient manner. Finance and Administration departments identify business and legal records for retention, length of retention, manage their boxing, labeling, data entry and approve final destruction. Safety and Site Services coordinates the program (processes), arranges for supplies, transportation, retrieval and monitors destruction of records. Scientific, historic and staff records are managed according to the NCAR library achives policy.

Business Record Management Services Procedures

  1. Each F&A department will appoint a records administrator and a back up for their department and provide that information to SaSS.
  2. Each department administrator will be provided training prior to sending to or retrieving any records from Iron Mountain. Contact SaSS to arrange for training.
  3. Each department administrator will be responsible to prepare records to be moved to Iron Mountain, including, packing boxes, labeling boxes, and maintaining details in the Iron Mountain Data base.
  4. Only SaSS can send records to Iron Mountain.



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