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DPA Responsibilities

Division/Department Property Administrator (DPA) guidelines relate to division responsibilities for effective property control. In this context, "division" is used to denote any division, facility, department, group, etc. Divisions may delegate property duties among staff as best suits their purposes, recognizing that guidelines must be met.

Each DPA will work with the Property Office to ensure UCAR compliance with the property terms of OMB Circular A-110, Subpart C, Property Standards, or other contract terms as applicable; particularly section .34. DPAs should click on the OMB Circular A-110 link and familiarize themselves with these terms. (OMB A-110 is incorporated in the UCAR Property Procedures by reference. Provisions incorporated by reference have the same force and effect as if they were given in full text.)

Divisions will designate one Division/Department Property Administrator as the primary contact with the UCAR Property Office. DPA responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Know the definition of a fixed asset (basic, assembled, and constructed) to ensure proper management of the division assets from the planning or acquisition stage through final disposition.

  • Attend scheduled DPA meetings as appropriate to division property needs and provide guidance and/or training within the division as appropriate. (The UCAR Property Office is available to assist with this process.)

  • Provide guidance and/or training within the division as appropriate. (The UCAR Property Office is available to assist with this process.)

  • Tag Fixed Asset (FA) acquisitions (including those received from Government excess) in coordination with the Property Office.

  • Identify a Responsible Person for each asset assigned to the division. This should be someone in close contact with the property who will know its location, can ensure proper utilization, storage, and maintenance, and provide advance notice when disposal is anticipated. (The FADB is programmed to populate the FASITE screen and the Responsible Person field with the DPA name. The DPA is responsible for identifying the correct Responsible Person and updating that field.)

  • Communicate needs for on-site training and consultation regarding property issues to the Property Office.

  • Document and track property loans to employee homes or other institutions.

  • Notify the Property Office when equipment borrowed from other institutions is received, returned, transferred or reloaned. This facilitates maintaining temporary accountability records.

  • Know the disposal processes and notify the Property Office in advance when the division intends to dispose of an asset (whole or in part). (Disposal often requires prior approval from the funding entity.) The DPA is responsible for ensuring disposals are properly documented by the division.

  • Tag and track the division's Sensitive Property according to the Sensitive Property Procedures on the Property Website.

  • Perform periodic 100% physical inventories of division assets in accordance with OMB Circular A-110 and as directed by the Property Office.

  • Track responses to the biannual Responsible Person Updates to ensure all Responsible Persons in that division respond within the month designated.

  • Provide supporting information/documentation to the Property Office as requested in the UCAR annual audit.

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