February 2005

Consumption and Serving of Alcohol Policy


Alcoholic beverages may be served at UCAR functions or on UCAR premises only under controlled and limited conditions in order that UCAR may act in a socially responsible and legal manner. No alcohol may be served or consumed at UCAR functions (on- or off-site) or at non-UCAR functions on UCAR premises unless expressly approved by a member of the UCAR Management Committee (UMC). Specific procedures apply to the serving of alcohol at both UCAR and non-UCAR functions; see the Consumption and Serving of Alcohol Procedures for more information. See the Food and Miscellaneous Expenses Procedures for information about charging alcohol-related expenses.

Contact the Manager of Event Services for interpretation of this policy.

June 2005

Consumption and Serving of Alcohol Procedures

(related to Policy 2-10)


Serving Alcohol at UCAR Functions

These procedures apply to the serving and consumption of alcohol at UCAR functions (on or off site). Examples include employee parties; staff recognition parties; trustee dinners and receptions; conference or workshop receptions and dinners; picnics; holiday parties; and field program celebrations.

A "UCAR Request to Serve Alcohol" form must be completed at least three working days in advance and approved by the appropriate member of the UMC. The individual who is designated the responsible person for the event must be named on the request form and must be present at the event.

Groups or individuals hosting on- and off-site functions where alcoholic beverages are served are responsible for designating one or more responsible person to monitor consumption. The responsible person must ensure that the function closes on time and should provide alternative transportation, if necessary, at the conclusion of the event.

Accounting Practices

UCAR funds used to purchase alcoholic beverages may only come from discretionary funds. Registration fees charged to conference, workshop, or meeting participants may include amounts to cover alcoholic beverages when UCAR is the direct recipient of those fees. The Finance Department can provide guidance for allocation of fees to discretionary accounts. UCAR may not sell alcohol, either directly or in exchange for coupons. (See the Food & Miscellaneous Expenses Procedures.)

On-site (a location owned, leased, or operated by UCAR): On-site UCAR functions must adhere to the social host liquor laws. UCAR may not sell or be reimbursed for the provision of alcoholic beverages. UCAR, its employees, and non-UCAR organizations and individuals using UCAR facilities may not serve alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 21. Alcoholic beverages permitted at UCAR locations are limited to beer, wine, and champagne; distilled beverages may not be served.

UCAR Event Services staff provide beverage tending services when they cater events. If an outside caterer is used, beverage tending is coordinated with the Manager of Event Services. Beverage tenders must not serve alcohol to anyone under 21 or to anyone who is visibly intoxicated. Attendees who appear to be under 30 should be asked for proof of age before being served alcoholic beverages. The responsible person may call upon UCAR security or management to assist if problems arise.

Ample food and nonalcoholic beverages should be available at all times when alcoholic beverages are served. Alcoholic beverages should be removed from the serving area prior to the scheduled end of the event, or in proportion to food supplies. Alcoholic beverages should be tended at all times and located where consumption can be monitored. No pitchers of alcoholic beverages or bottles of wine may be provided for unmonitored consumption.

At all on-site functions, signs should be posted near beverage tables specifying that under-age attendees will not be served, proof of age may be requested, and beverages are to be kept in the designated area. Signs should also be posted encouraging attendees to provide transportation for other attendees, when necessary, to help them reach their next destination safely. Alcohol Notice for Events.

Alcoholic beverages should be stored, served, and consumed only in areas safe and free from hazardous equipment, machinery, and materials. Areas that are inappropriate include, but are not limited to: high-bay areas, machine and maintenance shops, loading docks, storage rooms, chemical and instrumentation laboratories, computer rooms, and mechanical and equipment rooms. Those employees whose duties require the operation of potentially hazardous equipment or machinery are prohibited from engaging in work after consuming alcohol.

Off-site: The serving of alcohol at off-site functions must comply with the alcohol consumption regulations at that location. The serving of distilled liquor is permitted off-site.

On-Site Non UCAR Functions

Procedures for On-Site non-UCAR Functions:

These procedures apply both to UCAR employees and to non-UCAR users of UCAR facilities as described in the Facility Use policy. Examples include private wedding parties, and other functions approved but not sponsored by UCAR.

No alcohol may be served at artists' receptions held at UCAR sites.

Approval Process

Anyone wishing to serve alcoholic beverages under the Facility Use policy, must complete an “Indemnification Agreement,” proof of insurance and other forms that can be obtained from the Manager of Event Services. All requests must be approved by the Vice-President of Finance & Administration 30 days prior to the event.

Accounting Practices

UCAR cannot provide nor be reimbursed for alcoholic beverages for non-UCAR functions, whether hosted by UCAR employees or non-UCAR users of UCAR facilities.

Delivery, Serving, Monitoring Consumption, and Removal of Alcoholic Beverages

UCAR employees and other hosts of non-UCAR functions on UCAR premises must ensure that alcoholic beverages are not served to individuals under age 21 and that attendees are not charged for alcoholic beverages (either on a per beverage basis or as part of an overall fee for the event).These organizations and individuals must make their own payment, delivery, and removal arrangements for alcoholic beverages. They must also arrange for beverage tenders to monitor alcohol consumption and make appropriate alternative transportation available at the end of the event.UCAR may provide staff for serving alcoholic beverages and monitoring consumption at these functions. All arrangements are coordinated with the Manager of Event Services.

Affiliated Policies and Procedures

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