May 31, 2013

Casual Employee Guidelines

A Casual employee may be hired to work occasional and irregular hours on an as-needed basis or to provide supplemental help during periods of unusual circumstances. Otherwise, the position should be filled as a regular or term appointment.

Casual employees may not exceed 1,000 hours worked during any 12-month period.


  1. Eligibility

    Individuals who desire occasional employment and who have not previously received TIAA-CREF benefits from UCAR are eligible for Casual employment.

    Rehire Human Resources will review the eligibility of candidates who have been previously employed at UCAR.

    a. If the hours worked during the previous12-month period are greater than 1,000 hours, the individual is ineligible for Casual employment.

    b. A former employee who previously participated in TIAA-CREF, no matter the length of the break in service, is ineligible for Casual employment unless they are a Retiree, as defined below.

    c. An employee who has formally retired from UCAR may return in a Casual status. Such employees are not subject to the 1,000 hour limitation described above. However, it is expected that the employment will continue to meet the definition of the Casual appointment. To qualify as a UCAR Retiree, the employee must meet the formula of age (minimum 50) + Years of Service (minimum 5 years) = 65 or more and upon termination must formally indicate retirement as the reason for termination.

  2. Hiring Process

    A Casual position must be filled on a competitive basis, unless otherwise prescribed in UCAR's policies and procedures. Previous employees performing essentially the same job, and meeting the eligibility criteria, may be transitioned to a Casual employee through a Personnel Profile Change form. The appointment code for all Casuals is C.

    Human Resources staff must be consulted when determining the appropriate-ness of Casual employment, both for the type of work performed, and to ensure eligibility of candidates.

  3. Hours Worked

    Casual employees are normally assigned a 1.0 FTE which allows occasional full-time work. It is expected, however, that a Casual employee will not normally work on a full-time basis.

    Casual employees may not work in excess of 1,000 hours in any 12-month period. Human Resources will notify the laboratory or program Administrator if it appears a Casual employee is approaching 1,000 hours worked during any previous 12-month period. This allows the laboratory or program to notify the employee that their Casual employment will be ending.

  4. Performance Appraisals

    Performance appraisals are not required for Casual employees. However, as for all employees, UCAR recommends that feedback be provided to the employee on a regular basis.

  5. Compensation

    Casual employees are considered hourly employees, regardless of their duties. Compensation at time of hire will be determined in consultation with Human Resources staff. An increase thereafter may be accomplished through the completion of a Personnel Profile Change form and in consultation with Human Resources.

  6. Benefits

    Casual employees are not benefit eligible for most UCAR benefits. They may receive a RTD bus pass, AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) and Worker's Compensation coverage. They may attend UCAR's Staff Development classes when approved by their supervisor. Hours spent in a class must be compensated as time worked when the topic is related to the performance of the employee's position and/or when the training is required by UCAR or the supervisor.

  7. Termination of Employment

    Due to the nature of the appointment, the employment of a Casual employee may be terminated at any time. As much notice as possible, and at least two weeks, should be given to the employee when it is determined the position is no longer needed. Casual employees are not eligible for severance pay.

    A Separation Notice form and UCAR Recovery of Property form are completed for the departing employee.

    When reaching 1,000 hours of work in a 12-month period, the Casual appointment must be terminated. The employee may apply for other UCAR Regular or Term positions. The employee may not be transitioned into such a position without a competitive process.