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Help Desk

F&A IT provides a Help Desk for customers to request service and support on computers, networking, and applications for Windows, Macs, & Linux

CIT Domain / Active Directory

F&A IT manages the organization-wide Windows 2003 Active Directory domain providing authentication, authorization, and access control for Windows network services and systems

Corporate Technical Training Center (CTTC)

F&A IT manages the CTTC, providing support for HR Staff Development programs and organization-wide training needs

Multimedia Services

F&A IT provides multimedia systems and support for meetings, presentations, conferences, and special events


F&A IT, in conjunction with the UCAR Computer Security Advisory Committee (CSAC), works to secure and protect computing systems and data

F&A IT manages organization-wide business applications, such as Bi-Tech / IFAS, Meeting Maker, Timecard, and ART

ART & Crystal Reports

F&A IT provides business reporting services for UCAR management

Advance Notice

F&A IT manages the UCAR Web application used to record and maintain proposal information

Bi-Tech / IFAS

F&A IT manages the integrated financial and administrative solution application (IFAS) for UCAR's business operations


F&A IT manages the Point of Sale systems for UCAR cafeterias

HR Applications

F&A IT manges the HRIS system for Human Resources.

Meeting Maker

F&A IT manages the calendaring/scheduling service for all of UCAR

Netscape Mail

F&A IT provides e-mail accounts and services for 27 departments / programs within UCAR

Online Travel

F&A IT manages the UCAR travel Web application for requesting and authorizing employee travel

Signature Authority

F&A IT manages UCAR's Web application used to review and update requisition, travel, acting, and contractual authority data


F&A IT manages the UCAR payroll Web application for submitting time and viewing pay stubs for all employees

Other Applications: Charity, Skills/Learning Exchange, Smart Choices, etc.



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