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Getting HELP

Help Desk

Customer's interface with F&A IT to request and receive service and support on computers and Web applications

Bi-Tech / IFAS

Get help with UCAR's integrated financial and administrative solution (IFAS)

Logins, Accounts, or Aliases

Get help with accounts for Windows, Meeting Maker, E-mail, VPN, Web Applications, & RAS

Meeting Maker

Get help with UCAR's calendaring/scheduling application for managing time and collaborative scheduling

Multimedia Services

Get help with conference room equipment, Access Grid, Webcasting, and video conferencing

Netscape Mail

Get help with UCAR G&A's e-mail application


Get help with UCAR's payroll Web application for submitting employee time and for viewing pay stubs

ART & Crystal Reports

Get help with UCAR's business reporting application

Advance Notice

Get help with UCAR's Web application used to record and maintain proposal information

CIT Domain / Active Directory

Get help with UCAR's central Windows 2003 Active Directory domain

Computing Newsletter & Tips

F&A IT's monthly newsletter with computing help, plus miscellaneous computing tips


Get help with reserving the Corporate Technical Training Center (CTTC) at CG2, and the IT Training Center (ITTC) at CG4

HR Applications

Get help with the new HRIS system for Human Resources.

New Hire / New Computer

Get help with new accounts and computers

Online Travel

Get help with UCAR's travel Web application for requesting and authorizing employee travel

Room and Resource Scheduler

Get help with UCAR's Room and Resource Scheduler

Signature Authority

Get help with UCAR's Web application used to review and update requisition, travel, acting and contractual authority data


Get help with UCAR phones – supported by NETS


Get help with UCAR's wireless networking – supported by NETS


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