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Having trouble finding Day Care, Adult Care or Pet Care?

We can help! Bright Horizons provides this service to all UCAR employees.

Defining Back-up Care

Back-up care is temporary or short-term care for loved ones of any age when normal caregiving arrangements fall through. Back-up care (and other services) is available for your four-legged loved ones, too!

Why Back-up Care?
  • Employees have caregiving responsibilities for loved ones of all ages, healthy or ill, in all locations and at all hours.
  • Often employees have to take their own sick days or vacation time to care for a loved one. In fact, about 1 in 4 unscheduled absences are caused by family issues.
  • A backup care program enables employees to get to work when they experience breakdowns in their normal caregiving arrangements.

When is back-up care used?
  • Last minute breakdowns in care (illness, unreliable caregivers, school closures)
  • Predictable circumstances (holidays, summer break, caregiver vacations, surgery)
  • Difficult to resolve situations(various locations, non-traditional hours, loved ones who live in other states, aging parent issues)

To expedite your process, pre-enrollment is available. Please visit the Bright Horizons Web site for online registration or additional information.

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact Irena Haimsky, x8706, irena@ucar.edu.

October 2009

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