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Form Title: Equipment Loan Form for Employees
Last Revised: 5/2009
Purpose: This form tracks equipment that is in the temporary custody of a UCAR employee at a non-UCAR site.  (Not a UCAR corporate or project field site.)
Who Should Use the Form: Division Property Administrators (DPAs)
Instructions: Fill in all information requested on the form (including appropriate signatures and initials), except last two lines. The DPA retains the original and sends a copy to the UCAR Property Office. As additional equipment is loaned and/or returned to UCAR, the appropriate “Loaned” and “Returned” lines should be initialed and dated. When the employee has returned all equipment and there will be no further loans, the DDPA completes the bottom section acknowledging receipt. A copy of the form should be sent to the Property Office each time a change is made.
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