Facilities Management and Sustainability
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Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering provides engineering services to support the following activities:

    • Preservation of existing physical facilities.
    • Adaptation of existing facilities to accommodate new requirements.
    • Construction of new facilities.
    • Evaluation of existing mechanical and electrical systems for performance, reliability, and efficiency.
    • Analyses of facility space/service problems and development of alternative solutions.
    • Development of concept designs and cost estimates for use by the UCAR/NCAR divisions in planning for the activities described above.
    • Development of plans and specifications for new or retrofit construction projects.
    • Coordination of the work contracted engineers for larger scale design projects.
    • Performance of field inspections for construction contracts on UCAR/NCAR facilities.
    • Assistance to maintenance personnel with troubleshooting and consultation on operations, maintenance, and repair of existing mechanical and electrical systems.

Facilities Engineering Staff

For more information, e-mail Matt McMullen or call ext. 2060.



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