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The following is a list of Divisions/Programs/Special Commodities and the Contracts Personnel that have been assigned to them as a central point of contact. These assignments do not necessarily mean that the contact person will process all contract actions for the designated Division/Program/Commodity. However, the contact will be the primary liaison if a question arises on any contract action or to provide assistance, if needed, in the procurement process.


As of March 2012

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Manager: William Hammel, x8869

Procurement Assistant - Beth Boone, x8879

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Team Division Number Division Name Contract Administrator Extension
B 13 CISL Steve Kane 8542
A 14 EOL Chrissy Fladung 2139
B 15 NCAR Director's Office    
B 17 RAL Peter Chamberlain, Team Lead 8892
A 19 ASP Chrissy Fladung 2139
A 20 Library Patti Young 2144
B 23 IMAGe Steve Kane 8542
B 27 RAL Peter Chamberlain, Team Lead 8892
A 29 ISP Chrissy Fladung 2139
A 32 FM&S Jane Callahan 8885
A 40 JOSS Chrissy Fladung 2139
B 42 UCP Director's Office    
A 50 COMET Jane Callahan 8885
A 53 COSMIC Alison Propes, Team Lead 8877
A 61 EO Sheri Ruscetta 8865
A 65 SOARS Sheri Ruscetta 8865
B 73 CISL Stephen Kane 8542
A 74 EOL Chrissy Fladung 2139
B 77 RAL Peter Chamberlain, Team Lead 8892
A   Cell Phones Jane Callahan 8885
A   Construction Commodity Lead Alison Propes, Team Lead 8877
B   Dell/Apple Issues   8530
A   Field Project Focal Point Alison Propes, Team Lead 8877
A   FinTools Alison Propes, Team Lead 8877
A   Hotel Agreements Commodity Lead Sheri Ruscetta 8865
B   Software Commodity Lead   8530
A   Supercomputers Alison Propes, Team Lead 8877
A   Travel Contract Patti Young 2144
B   UPC Backup   8530
B 10 CGD Stephen Kane 8542
A 11 ACD Chrissy Fladung 2139
B 12 HAO Stephanie McKeehan 8894
B 16 MMM Stephen Kane 8542
A 31 HR Patti Young 2144
B 31 UCAR G&A   8530
B 32 SaSS Stephen Kane 8542
B 33 Telecommunications Stephanie McKeehan 8894
B 41 Unidata Stephanie McKeehan 8894
B 44 VSP Stephanie McKeehan 8894
B 47 NSDL Stephanie McKeehan 8894
B 51 DLS Patti Young 2144
A 54 GLOBE Patti Young 2144
B 75 NESL Stephanie McKeehan 8894
B   Copiers Sheri Ruscetta 8865
B   Buyer Tracie Stephens 8867
B   Child Care Center Stephanie McKeehan 8894
B   Printing Commodity Lead Stephanie McKeehan 8894
    Fabrication Commodity Lead William Hammel 8869
B   Faison/Office Max Contracts Sheri Ruscetta 8865
B   Furniture Commodity Lead Stephen Kane 8542
B   Janitorial Contract Stephen Kane 8542
B   Northrop Grumman Stephanie McKeehan 8894
    Property Leases William Hammel 8869
B   Security Contract Stephen Kane 8542
    Special Projects William Hammel 8869
B   Temp Services Contracts Patti Young 2144
B   UPC Administrator Diana Casias 1128
    Use Agreements William Hammel 8869
    Procurement Assistant Beth Boone 8879

Questions regarding the Contracts Office contact list can be directed to Bill Hammel at x8869 or via e-mail at whammel@ucar.edu
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